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Gina YashereGina Yashere - Skinny B*tch - Last Chance One Final Night at the Hackney Empire

Having tired of the affectionate nick-name Gina Yashere ‘Fat B*tch’, GINA recently booked herself into a famous Thai Spa and paid good money to have her inside sucked out through her backside.

A resolution to boycott corporate giants Ben and Jerry, which saw luxury–end market ice cream shares plummet and her transformation was complete. When YASHERE stepped back onto English soil, having left most of her former self on a colonic irrigation bed in Koh Samui she finally laid claim to the heavily coveted title ‘Skinny B*tch’ …well almost! Perhaps ‘Kinda Skinny B*tch’, ‘Nearly a Skinny B*tch’, ‘A Skinnier B*tch than the ‘Fat Bitch’ she was …  

Either way not only is SKINNY B*TCH a night of major hilarity and razor sharp wit but audiences can expect tips on self-imposed starvation, how to make a hearty meal for four using an oxo cube, a dash of balsamic and some grass cuttings plus there will be a live on-stage experiment to establish which incontinence pants can withstand the sixteen litres of water Skinny B*tches need to drink daily in order to survive.

Skinny B*tch is a limited edition, gold plated evening of uncompromising and outlandishly outspoken hilarity… Bling it on.

Box Office 020 8985 2424 | Hackney Empire |

04 October 2008 | Time 8:00pm | Hackney Empire | Theatre | 291 Mare St. London, E8 1EJ

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Afridiziak Theatre News > October Comedy Shows > Gina Yashere - Skinny B*tch
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