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Sophia JacksonSophia Jackson’s Bio
Sophia Jackson is the founder and editor of Afridiziak’s Theatre news.

In 2003, Sophia made one of her best life-decisions to date. She went to the University of Westminster to study for her masters in journalism studies.  Here she was able to turn her dreams into reality by learning the tricks of the journalism trade. The course was the stepping stone to a wealth of opportunities. 

Through work-experience she started writing for Blink and was able to interview inspirational members of the black community for this black news web-site.

During the second year of her degree Sophia was approached by bfm [Black Filmmaker] magazine to be the entertainment editor and sub-editor for the magazine. 

Screen Nation Awards magazineSophia has twice been editor of the annual Screen Nation Awards magazine, has written for www.thesituation.co.uk, Images of Black Women Film Festival brochure, Live Listings  and Pride magazine, too. She is also the listings editor for New Nation.

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