Shedding A Skin review

"More. More. More. Nuff stars!"
Soho Theatre
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Review by: Nicole V Sylvester | @m155_nvs
Published: Friday 25th, June 2021, 11:00am

I’m not generally a huge fan of the one-man-show or indeed, woman as is the case in ‘Shedding a Skin’.  It’s difficult to carry an entire theatrical performance on your own, keep the audience engaged, entertained, and setting the scene with little to no scenery and props to boot. It’s a rare talent that can do this well and Amanda Wilkin is absolutely one of them.

Myah is the friend we all have in our group of friends.  She’s the ditzy screw-up that we love to advise and  ‘fix’ but secretly do this half-heartedly because we love her just the way she is.  A bit like Bridget Jones… but so much more. This Bridget is black, and now… and London.  She’s us. 

Within the first minute you are laughing. Something about that huge smile and sparkling eyes draws you in immediately and it seems right away, not to be a play but rather a conversation with a good friend – except she’s doing all the talking. Weirdly, for a one man, sorry, woman show, this production is pretty fast-paced, and the story is real and relatable, generously peppered with jokes.   It’s funny. Even hilarious in some parts. The consistent giggles from the audience agree.  My keen ear spots the odd rhyme in Wilkin’s tone and  together with a flawless ‘flow’ makes me wonder if she’s ever done any rapping, it’s that slick.

Yet in another transition phase, Myah has dumped her boyfriend, got herself sacked in epic fashion and finds herself suddenly homeless.  She moves in with Mildred, a feisty old Jamaican lady whose rich history and alternative life choices both surprise and inspire her.  Getting to know and spending time with Mildred helps Myah shed her past and look hopefully towards the future and the new.

It’s funny. Even hilarious in some parts. The consistent giggles from the audience agree.

This is a fantastic little play and I’d seriously dare you not to enjoy yourself. It’s well written, well performed and leaves you wanting more.  After this I’m straight onto Google to see what’s what.  Who is this Wilkin bird, what else has she done? More. More. More. Nuff stars!

NEED TO KNOW: Shedding a Skin is at The Soho Theatre until 17 July 2021 | See listing | Book Tickets