Don’t Clap for Me Mr Johnson by Mark Grey
28 May 2023

Crescent Theatre, Birmingham

Don’t Clap For Me Mr. Johnson by Mark Grey
Don’t Clap For Me Mr. Johnson by Mark Grey

Agape Theatre Company presents a play by award-winning director Mark Grey (End The Silence, Windrush – The Betrayal)

Following on from the hugely successful tour of Windrush –The Betrayal, Agape Theatre Company are pleased to return with the premier of their latest production, Don’t Clap For Me Mr. Johnson.

The economy is in crisis; the country is on its knees; all that stands between the devastating and deadly effects of the coronavirus bringing this country to an economic meltdown and recession is the heroic efforts of NHS staff.

But they are wounded, they are hungry, and they are battle-worn. Even as they also succumb to the disease, they keep fighting to save our lives.

Surely such heroes deserve, from us and from this government, a lot more than applause.  

NEED TO KNOW: Don’t Clap For Me Mr Johnson is at The Crescent Theatre, 20 Sheepcote Street, Birmingham B16 8AE | Box Office: 0121 643 5858 | Tickets: £17.50 & £15 (+ booking fee)