Brassic FM
4-30 Sep 2023

Gate Theatre

Brassic FM, Gate Theatre
Brassic FM, Gate Theatre

Brassic FM is nothing without the listeners. While Amir chronicles the precarious nature of living as an undocumented worker in London, Amina searches for help finding out what life was like for her family when they first moved to the UK from Pakistan. But it soon becomes clear it’s impossible to talk about working-class culture without looking at how it’s being policed.

From cars, kitchens and bedrooms across the city comes a theatrical mixtape – a love letter – to working-class culture and music. Brassic FM is a collection of snapshots and shout-outs for the people. Join us for a celebration of the underground sounds of the city.

Co-created by poet Zia Ahmed and Stef O’Driscoll, comes an exciting and provocative new piece of theatre about precarity, and how our perspectives on work and making money are tied up in class and culture.

NEED TO KNOW: Brassic FM plays at Gate Theatre from 4-30 Sep 2023