Wild Waxflower
17-29 Aug 2021

Camden Fringe Festival
Digital Programme

Wild Waxflower by Siane Faye
Wild Waxflower by Siane Faye

‘Wild Waxflower’, is a solo performance that explores the up and downs of a young woman’s first night at an adult entertainment club. We follow her journey from the changing room to the big stage as she explores sexuality, religion and identity.

The lead actor, Siane Faye is an up and coming actress with 3x Best Actress nominations under her belt. Originally from Birmingham, having studied fine art and journalism, she moved to London in 2015, to further expand her creative inclinations.

However, she serendipitously stumbled into acting in 2017.

This will be ‘No Salad Productions’ debut play, as an innovative addition to the film and theatre industry, with it’s name hinting at the companies creative depths, by toying with the phrase “getting to the meat and Potatoes”, producing punchy and girthy subject matters.

Wild Waxflower and No salad hope take the actor and audience to new depths, changing, enhancing or confirming their perceptions of life thereafter.

NEED TO KNOW: Wild Waxflower is part of the Camden Fringe Digital Programme | Catch it from 17 – 29 Aug 2021