Park Bench by Tori Allen-Martin
22 Jun – 14 Aug 2021

World Premiere
Park Theatre
Digital (act 1): 22 Jun - 14 Aug 2021
Live play (act 2): 4-14 Aug 2021

Park Bench by Tori Allen-Martin (World Premiere), Park Theatre
Park Bench by Tori Allen-Martin (World Premiere), Park Theatre

Some conversations are just better had face-to-face.

Liv and Theo know that. They used to be each other’s ride-or-die but that was back then…  After more than a year of distance from their situationship, it’s time to talk – so they reconnect online.

What happened to being mates? How’s his new life working out? Why did she just vanish? These are big questions for small screens. Will meeting up in person on ‘their’ park bench reignite an old flame or finally put out the flickering embers of feelings?

Park Bench is an innovative digital-come-live-theatre play by Tori Allen-Martin. Commissioned by Park Theatre during lockdown with the concept of creating a piece of drama that audiences follow from a digital first act online to a live second act on our Park200 stage.

Directed by Christa Harris (Act 1: Digital)
Co-directed by Sarah Henley & Timothy O’Hara (Act 2: Live)
Cast Includes Tori Allen-Martin & Tim Bowie
Original Concept by Daniel Cooper

Watch Park Bench Act 1 for FREE now

NEED TO KNOW: Park Bench act 1 is available to watch for free until 14 Aug | Find Out More / Book Tickets for the act 2; the live show which is at Park Theatre from 4-14 Aug 2021