Boys Cry
14 – 26 Sept 2021

Written and Performed by Christian Graham
Riverside Studios

Boys Cry by Christian Graham, Omnibus Theatre
Boys Cry by Christian Graham, Omnibus Theatre

A play exploring the boundaries and constraints of modern masculinity.

When Mark is mugged on the way to college, his reality is shattered. This life-changing event forces him to confront some of his deepest issues.

On his journey towards healing he realises that interrogating his connection to masculinity might be key to finding a way forwards. For Mark being a boy has meant closing up when it comes to processing complex emotion. However, through reassembling himself, Mark starts to get a sharper image of the person he wants to be.

Boys Cry explores self-image, maturity, life after trauma and definitions of manhood.

NEED TO KNOW: Boys Cry is at the Riverside Studios, Hammersmith from 14 – 26 Sept 2021 #BoysCry