She Is A Place Called Home by Esohe Uwadiae,
Vault Festival
(3-8 Mar 2020)

She Is A Place Called Home, Vault Festival
She Is A Place Called Home, Vault Festival
“Dad’s getting married again. A second wife. As in, in addition to his first.

(We were shocked too).”

This is a gripping story about two sisters in the run up to their dad’s marriage, as they rehearse the traditional Nigerian dance he’s asked them to perform, all the while navigating the complexities that come with lies, love and bigamy.

Recently shortlisted for the New Diorama Untapped Award, this play explores what happens when religion and culture collide, under the spotlight of a family in crisis, and the things people do to try and survive.

This thought-provoking play was developed as part of the VAULT Festival New Writers’ Programme 2019, led by Camilla Whitehill, and showcased during VAULT Festival 2019 in a sold-out show.

She Is A Place Called Home is partnering with Solace Women’s Aid, an innovative and grass roots charity that supports women and children who have experienced domestic and sexual violence to build safe and strong lives. After each performance, we will be holding a collection of donations and toiletries on Solace’s behalf. Any contributions will be very appreciated.

NEED TO KNOW: She Is A Place Called Home is at the Vault Festival from 3 to 8 March 2020 | BOOK TICKETS