Mandela’s African Tales for Children: the Snake with 7 Heads show+meal
(13 Oct)

Black History Month
Family Sunday
Draper Hall

Mandela's African Tales for Children: the Snake with 7 Heads
Mandela's African Tales for Children: the Snake with 7 Heads

Welcome back to our FAMILY SUNDAY!

Draper Together presents its own production of one of Nelson Mandela’s favourite African folk tales for children THE SNAKES WITH SEVEN HEADS.

Nelson Mandela loved children and gathered more than one anthology of traditional African folk tales for children. We adapted one of them, THE SNAKE WITH SEVEN HEADS, for this event suitable for the entire family.

Children will be guided during a workshop to produce the masks that will be used during the performance (will you be a zebra or a leopard?) and then we will all sit down to a hot, delicious and nutritious meal (included in the ticket price) which will have at least one vegan alternative.

Workshop and show’s duration 1 hour 10 minutes, followed by the meal. Workshop starts at 5pm sharp, doors open at 4.30.

Spread the word, bring your friends: all welcome!

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We hope you can make it and we are looking forward to welcoming you back to Draper Hall, your community and Arts hub.

African-Caribbean Dishes
Cocktail Patties – Veg / Saltfish / Chicken (Mixed)
BBQ Chicken
Gizdodo (chicken gizzard and plantain cooked in seasoned
tomato sauce)
Chickpea & Butterbean Curry (infused in coconut milk)
Jollof Rice / Rice & Peas
Fried Plantain
Mixed Salad – Lettuce, tomato & cucumber
Fruit Salad
NEED TO KNOW: Mandela’s African Tales for Children – the Snake with 7 heads (Show + sit down, hot meal £4.90 kids and £ 7.06 adults) BOOK TICKETS