Anansi the Spider
(18 Sept – 27 Oct)

Unicorn Theatre
Created and directed by Justin Audibert

Anansi the Spider, Unicorn Theatre
Anansi the Spider, Unicorn Theatre
People say that a time long, long ago, animals walked on two feet and spoke with words, like we do. And back then it was known by everyone that the cleverest of all the animals in the kingdom was a spider – the infamous Anansi – the original trickster and the master spinner of yarns.

But sometimes Anansi could be a little too clever for his own good…

In celebration of Black History Month, these classic West African and Caribbean tales about the spider hoaxster are brought vividly to life here in Artistic Director Justin Audibert’s newest production for the Unicorn.

This is an immersive and highly engaging experience. Instead of conventional seating, children and adults will sit together on the floor in the world of Anansi. We will have some seating for people who need it and will be able to accommodate you on the day.

NEED TO KNOW: Anansi the Spider is at the Unicorn Theatre from 18 Sept – 27 Oct 2019 | BOOK TICKETS | Read interview with Justin Audibert