Brand New Show ft Don Warrington – ‘The World According to Grandpa’

Published: Thursday, 26th November 2020, 8:33am


Multi-award winning production company, Saffron Cherry Productions has announced that its brand new heart-warming 25 x 11 children’s series ‘The World According to Grandpa’ is to launch on Channel 5’s Milkshake! on 28th November starring Don Warrington MBE 

Based on the best selling stories written by Chris Heath, the unique storytelling series follows the main character Grandpa, played by Don, as he takes his grandchildren on fantastic journeys through colourful new worlds, answering their curious questions with tall tales, all from the comfort of his sofa.

Featuring Don Warrington MBE as ‘Grandpa’ and the voice of actress, Sally Lindsay as ‘Halifax’ the rabbit, every episode begins with one of Grandpa’s four grandchildren; Stanley, Connie, Louie or Poppy asking him a question, which he spins into a nonsensical tale of outer-space bumblebees, piggy rock bands, rhubarb-loving monsters, cloud pilots, and fire-breathing hamsters. 

Thankfully, also on the sofa is Halifax, a very chatty cuddly rabbit who lives on the sofa and is always there to give the real answer to the question. Off screen Halifax relies on a very clever Chemistry teacher at Parrs Wood Secondary school, Emma Woollaston, to make sure she gets all her facts right.

The first eight episodes were all filmed and produced in October this year under strict COVID-19 guidelines, which also gives you a really interesting angle to the story.  It is also a truly inclusive North West production featuring live action, 2D animation and a diverse team both in front and behind the camera.

The show, which was part funded by the Young Audiences Content Fund, will film a Welsh-language version of the show in the New Year, co-produced with Boom Cymru for S4C. 

NEED TO KNOW: Catch the all new series of ‘The World According to Grandpa’ on Channel 5’s Milkshake from 28th November.