Ivan Michael Blackstock TRAPLORD

Interview by: Sophia A. Jackson
Published: Friday, 25th February 2022, 1:55pm

Award-winning dance artist and cultural innovator Ivan Michael Blackstock’s TRAPLORD is an immersive dance performance meditating on life, death and rebirth. Wandering between dreams and reality, TRAPLORD takes us on a new heroic journey to self-actualisation.

Using dance, theatre and spoken word to explore raw and confrontational themes of mental health and masculinity, TRAPLORD is an invitation to question the stereotyping of Black men in contemporary western society; an attempt to escape from the mental state of being condemned before having lived.

NEED TO KNOW: Ivan Michael Blackstock’s TRAPLORD is at 180 Studios, 180 The Strand, Temple, London WC2R 1EA | 26 Mar – 16 Apr 2022