Angela Griffin

Building the Wall
Park Theatre
Interview by: Sophia A Jackson

As two-hander Building the Wall heads towards its final week at Park Theatre, we caught up with the instantly recognisable, Angela Griffin on this Jez Bond directed political thriller.

What attracted you to the part of Gloria in Building the Wall?

It was a character I’d never played before and the script was fantastic. I read it in one sitting and felt it was a play I would love to go and see.

Building the Wall is a brilliantly written, well-constructed political thriller

Why should people come and see Building the Wall by Robert Schenkkan?

It’s a brilliantly written, well-constructed political thriller. You will be thinking about it long after it’s over.

Tell us about some of the challenges you faced in preparing for your role?

Gloria doesn’t have as clear a journey as Rick (played by Trevor White) as we are telling his story, so finding her path, giving her a story and a journey was a little more difficult. Allowing her personal opinion in to the room gave her this.

It’s 20 years since you made your last appearance in Coronation Street – do you ever tire of people referencing the fact that you starred in the popular soap?

Never, it got me where I am today and the best training ground.

What tips would you give to a person of colour, who wants to become an actor?

Get your accents down, there is so much work overseas for us and it’s open for business. Be the best you can possibly be. And don’t allow yourself to be pigeonholed.

How has the world of showbiz changed since you started acting?

Image and popularity as in social media followers etc; have become increasingly more important. It’s still as competitive as ever though, that will never change. It’s an incredible job that thousands of people want to do.

Image and popularity as in social media followers etc; have become increasingly more important

This year Afridiziak Theatre News celebrates its 10th anniversary, what are some of your theatre highlights from the last 10 years; standout productions/performances etc?

Anything with Imelda Staunton! Virginia Woolfe, Gypsy. Girls and Boys. Home. One Man Two Guvnors.

What’s next for you after Building the Wall?

I’m waiting to find out if my Canadian series The Detail is being picked up and then hopefully heading back out to Toronto, if it doesn’t happen then its back to those audition rooms.


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